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Is there time to change my mind?

It’s easy to access abortion pills, even in a state that has banned abortion. What’s not easy is the decision to take them, the regret that often follows taking them, and the difficulty of undoing what was done.

Hey, I'm not judging anyone. As a matter of fact, I had an abortion. At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do and I went on with my life, even having another son 3 years later.

Every once in a while, I would think “what if,” but I truly never was filled with regret – until I saw an ultrasound of a 9-week-old baby. This was 28 years AFTER the abortion and at that moment I truly realized what I had done.

This was a life.

Not a bundle of cells.

This is a baby.

This was my baby.

I aborted my own baby.

I don’t think that the saying “time heals all wounds” is true. 28 years was not enough time to dull the pain once I realized what I had done.

And believe me, I had all the excuses not to have another baby. I had a 5-year-old. We had just moved to a new city across the country from our hometown. I was responsible for a new sales force; had no friends, no church, no roots. When I signed my son up for daycare, I had to put down the name of a secretary I had just inherited (and did not know} as the person to locate me or come in case of an emergency.

I felt so overwhelmed!

How about you? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Sometimes the thing that seems like the obvious solution causes lifelong regrets.

You may not think there is a way out of this situation, but guess what? You are reading this for a reason. There is always a way, even though you may not see it now.

If you are contemplating the abortion pill let us, give you some options. We have dozens of resources to help you.

If you have taken the first pill, call us. There may be time to reverse it.

If you have already aborted, please contact me. I can share how you can get past the regrets – even 28 years later.

By Robyn Blessing

Abortion Pill Reversal: 1-877-558-0333

ICU Montgomery Mobile Unit: 334-202-4994

My number: 334-221-8166


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