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Ultrasounds Every Month


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What is a Godparent?

A godparent is a person who helps to care for a child, especially in the absence or need of the parents. Our Godparents at Life on Wheels do  just that. Through their contribution to LOW, a Godparent is able to reach mothers and babies in a time of desperate need and can be the difference that brings about life.


Why be a Godparent?

Did you know that abortion is one of the leading causes of death in Alabama? It's true, and  that is why we need Godparents to step in. Your contribution allows us to enter into the mother's need, remind her that her baby needs her, and show her that she is not alone.

This is more than a program.

We know that our cause is life or death, and our Godparents are what make this mission more than just a passing endeavor. Without our monthly supporters, we can not go and reach these women where they are. 

But WITH our Godparents, Life on Wheels can send mobiles across the state of Alabama, touching multiple clients every day. With YOU this is possible, and so we invite you:  
Mobile users, for more information on The Godparent Program, please visit our desktop website. 
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