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Why do women get on the bus?

We have a mobile ultrasound unit (translation: tricked out RV) that our clients call "the bus." We park near the abortion clinic in Montgomery three days a week, put out our signs, and have our smiling volunteers on the corner waving and inviting women to come have a free pregnancy test and ultrasound.

Why would a woman get on the bus? She doesn't know us - we don't know her, and we could roll away at any moment, right?

We are there because she needs someone to show her the truth and speak the truth to her. No coercion, no drama; just the facts. No appointment, no commitment, no credit card necessary.

We are there because in the state of Alabama you must have an ultrasound 48 hours before an abortion can be performed.

We are there because we offer her an option other than going to the abortion clinic for her ultrasound.

When women get on the bus we listen. Are they scared? nervous? terrified? worried? bullied? pressured? threatened? FEAR is often trying to rear its ugly head.





We offer hope; we offer help, we have been there.

Before December 27, 2016 there was no bus and no one to show the truth of what 9 weeks looks like on an ultrasound. No one to show that the "product of conception" has fingers and toes and a heartbeat.

We pray for her to get on the bus.

We don't have to talk her into or out of anything. The ultrasound and the Holy Spirit do the work.

It seems that when we make ourselves available, He brings the ones who need us, and we in turn get to participate in miracles.

Want to help us? $14 per month supplies all our available services for one client.

Click on Donate and be a part of the miracle.

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