This time last year Life On Wheels was still just a dream, and I had never heard about it. From July 2012 to December 2016 I worked in a job with very nice people, but I was underpaid, under-utilized, and in a completely different field from my degree and experience. But I knew that I knew that I knew I was supposed to work there. Every time I looked for another job (and I did that a lot), I could never even get past updating my resume because I knew I couldn't leave. Last October Dr. Phillips talked to me about Life On Wheels, and December 16, 2016 I was hired as the Director of Ministry Operations. This is a dream job that challenges me every day and allows me to see God working in the liv

Going Small

Great big dreams, great big budgets, great big opportunities – America is the land of great big possibilities! Think big, plan your work, work your plan! Have you heard that before? I love motivational speakers. I have bought their books, listened to their podcasts, bought their old school CDS, and dare I say it? Tapes!!! I love to think big and plan and work and see it happen! But what happens when it ends up being small? The RSVPS come in, but the bodies don’t show up? Or the RSVPS are ignored altogether? The ideas were big but the follow-through was non-existent? Volunteers signed up and trained but got sidetracked by life and never could work? Guess what? If it was easy, they wouldn't ne

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