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Do you share our passion for serving women?

Have you considered becoming an advocate?

What is a Client Advocate?

Client Advocates are women volunteers who care deeply about loving and supporting women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. Our clients know these women as options counselors, because the Client Advocate is the one who gets to sit with each woman after she has had her ultrasound, share the gospel with her, and help her to understand the life-affirming options that she has in front of her by referring her to pregnancy centers and community resources in the area.

But I'm not a counselor!

You are not expected to be! We train you to refer to counselors if need be, and we provide you with the resources to help equip her to find the professionals she needs. We are committed to excellence in care so we will send you out with excellent training and continuous oversight.  We refer our clients to crisis pregnancy centers in the area who are best equipped to help her long-term. Your job is to go TO her with our mobile, and support her in her moment of need.

How do I become a Client Advocate?

We need you... and we want to get in touch with you right away! If you think you may be interested in finding out how to begin the process, email Robyn Blessing at, or call us at (334) 221-8166!


Please email Robyn at for an application or click the button below to download:


We can't wait to meet you!

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