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River Region Impact   
May 2023
101 Clients
89 Pregnancy tests
83 Ultrasounds
73 Plan to parent
  3 Woman who changed her decision to abort after seeing her baby's ultrasound! 
250 Follow ups
 17 Bibles
   6 Professions of Faith in Jesus Christ
Since 12/27/2016
Total Clients seen
5490 Pregnancy Tests
12,749 Follow-ups 
  324 Women decided not to abort after
 their baby on ultrasound   
rofessions of faith in Jesus Christ 

Birmingham Impact
May 2023
41 Clients
37 Pregnancy Tests
22 Ultrasounds
0  abortion determined
women decided to parent after seeing their baby's ultrasound
80 Follow-ups
20 Bibles
  0 Professions of Faith in Jesus Christ
Since 2/12/2020
929 Total Clients seen
823 Pregnancy tests 
576 Ultrasounds
2299 Follow-ups
  60 Woman decided not to abort       after seeing their baby on ultrasound
  59 Professions of faith in Jesus Christ

We believe in her.
So, we are going to her.

Jacqui's Story

Ky'lah's Story

baby sara sono (1).jpg

Young women aren't always
given the full picture. 

As a non-denominational Christian pro-life organization we want to give them that full picture.
We believe that picture is clear and filled with hope.

So. We are bringing it
directly to them.

Get involved... We can only accomplish this together.

Become a monthly donor and change the lives of multiple mothers and children EVERY month.


Be trained to provide support, love, and knowledge to women battling fear, referring her to hope.

Please email Robyn at for the application, or click the button above to download.

Reports & Newsletters

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Check out our reports and newsletters,

dating back to the beginning of Life On Wheels! 

We are serving women in Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga, Jefferson, and Tuscaloosa counties! 

Check out our schedule tab to see our locations, 
or call us on one of our mobile units:
Montgomery: 334-202-4994
Birmingham: 205-484-7660
Tuscaloosa: 659-228-2630

Life On Wheels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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